If you think you may have an STI, you can get tested by a doctor

You can freely talk to the doctor. He/she needs to have as much information as possible to be able to help you. A doctor cannot give any information about you to anybody else. He/she is obliged by law to respect your privacy.

Woman talking with a doctor

STI test

A test is done as follows:

  • The doctor checks with you what kind of sex you had and will ask about any symptoms.
  • The doctor examines your visible sexual organs, mouth and anus to check for symptoms.
  • The doctor often takes a blood sample or asks for a urine sample. He/she can also take a swab from the area that might be infected (mouth/throat, anus, vagina, urethra). 
  • The doctor sends the samples to a lab for testing.
  • The doctor receives the result of the test about 1 week later.
  • The doctor explains the result and talks with you about the next steps. If necessary, he/she will give you medicines to treat the STI. Most STIs can be cured or their symptoms can be treated.
Doctor taking a blood sample
Doctor taking a swab from the mouth
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