In Germany, you can receive advice/counselling and medical treatment and visit a doctor without your partner or family finding out. 

A doctor reassuring a patient that he will not share any confidential information

Advice/counselling on pregnancy and family planning

You and your partner are legally entitled to advice/counselling relating to any questions on pregnancy and family planning. The advice/counselling is free and you do not need to tell the adviser/counsellor your name.

You can go to receive advice/counselling alone or with your partner, a friend or someone from your family. You can also be advised/counselled online or call a helpline. You do not have to say your name with these methods either.

In Germany, girls and women have the right to keep their pregnancy a secret and still give birth in a medically safe manner. This is called confidential birth.

Exception: infectious disease

It can be the case with some diseases that your doctor must inform the health authority of the disease. This happens when a disease is very infectious and can be very dangerous to other people. 

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