When you have a question about your sex life or relationship or you have a problem, you can talk with different health professionals. For example: doctor, nurse, gynaecologist, midwife, therapist, psychologist…

If necessary, the health professional can refer you to a specialist. For example: a psychologist/therapist can help you in case of for example depression, living with HIV, relationship problems
Women can also go directly to a gynaecologist. For example, in case of pregnancy, vaginal infection

A woman talking with a doctor

What to talk about with a health professional

You can talk to a health professional about almost every intimate issue. For example: 

How to talk with a health professional

If you want to talk to a health professional, the following tips can help:

  • Think about the problem or question you want to discuss; 
  • Think about what you want from the health professional. For example: advice, an STI test, a referral to a specialist …
  • Make it clear if the topic is difficult for you to talk about;
  • Describe your problem or question as specifically as possible. For example: ‘I am not able to get an erection’.
  • Think about which words you want to use; the dictionary on this website can help you;
  • You can take someone you trust with you, so that he/she can help you.

It often seems difficult to talk about intimate topics with a health professional, but this is part of their job. They know these topics well. 

A man talking with a health professional


Your privacy is respected when talking to a health professional. Professionals cannot share the information you tell them. 

A health professional cannot share the information you tell him/her
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