In Germany, everyone has the same rights and is subject to the same laws regardless of gender.

In Germany, it is forbidden to treat people unequally or to discriminate against people because they are a man or a woman. This means that everyone must have equal opportunities in every aspect of life: personal life, professional life and family life. For example, regardless of gender, everyone has the right:

  • to go to school;
  • to decide for him/herself what  profession s/he wants to learn;
  • to decide for him/herself whether or not s/he wants to get married;
  • to decide for him/herself whether or not s/he wants to have children.
A man and a woman talking as equals

The General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz)

This Act is intended to prevent people from being disadvantaged or discriminated against based on their ethnicity, origin, gender, religion, world view, disability, age, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Help and support

Many companies, public authorities and government agencies in Germany have complaints offices. The people in charge of these ensure that men and women are treated equally. These people can also help you if you are disadvantaged or discriminated against due to your origin, skin colour or religion. 

If someone is discriminating against you based on your gender, you can get help at a counselling centre

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