Mother-child relationship

The relationship between mother and child grows naturally during pregnancy.

Mother and baby spontaneously react to each other’s signals. Each day the mother understands better what the baby needs. For example: why the baby cries or when the baby is hungry.

Breast-feeding helps to strengthen the ties between mother and child. However, mothers who do not breast-feed also naturally bond very easily with their baby. 

Father-child relationship

For fathers, it can be more difficult to create such a strong bond. But fathers, too, can strengthen their relationship with their child. They can, for example:

These moments of closeness are important to father and child. It also means that the mother can rest from time to time.


Becoming a parent is a learning process. Talk to your family, friends, other parents and your doctor or midwife. They can help you and give advice. Also talk with your partner about what you both need and want.

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