Sitting or lying

You can sit or lie down to breast-feed.

Breast-feeding example 1: the mother is sitting and the baby is lying on her arm.
Breast-feeding example 2: the mother is sitting and the baby is lying beside her.
Breast-feeding example 3: the mother and the baby are lying.

How to breast-feed

Breast-feed your baby as follows:

  • Put the baby’s belly against yours.
  • Bring the baby with its nose to your nipple height.
  • The baby opens its mouth and licks the nipple.
  • The nipple and a large part of the areola are in the baby’s mouth.
  • The baby’s lips are curled outwards. The baby sucks.

Signs that your baby is hungry

In the beginning, most babies feed about every 2 hours, then about every 4 hours. However, every baby is different. Feed the baby when it asks for it.

If your baby is hungry, it can give you 1 or more of the following signals:

  • It moves its arms;
  • It moves its mouth and tongue;
  • It licks or sucks its hands;
  • It is agitated;
  • It cries. 

Healthy breast-milk

To produce healthy breast-milk for your baby:

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • Do not take drugs;
  • Do not take medicines without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have HIV, you cannot breast-feed your baby.

 If you cannot breast-feed, there are other ways to bond with your baby

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