You can choose a method of contraception that best suits your situation and your time of life. The method can change in the course of your life. It is good to know which methods of contraception exist and which questions to ask yourself when choosing a method. It is up to you to make a choice.

To choose the best method of contraception for you, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • How old am I?
    ​Young women are very fertile. It is important to choose a reliable method.
  • Am I forgetful?
    Do I have a job with irregular hours?
    Do I have a busy life?
    You have to remember more often when using some methods of contraception.
  • Do my partners change often?
    The risk of getting STIs is higher if you change partners frequently. Protect yourself against STIs.
  • Do I only have sexual intercourse occasionally?
    You use a condom, female condom or diaphragm only at the moment you want to have sexual intercourse.
  • Do I smoke? Am I overweight?
    With some methods of contraception containing hormones, the health risks are higher if you smoke or are overweight. 
  • Is my financial situation difficult?
    Some methods of contraception are less expensive than others.
  • Does my religion say something about contraception, and is this important to me?
  • Do I want my partner or family to know about my method of contraception?
    Some methods of contraception are not visible.
  • Do I want my menstrual periods (bleeding) to continue? Would I like to have a regular cycle?
    Some methods of contraception help your cycle to become more regular. With other methods of contraception, your menstrual period may become irregular and may even stop after a time.
  • Do I mind that the doctor needs to inject or insert my contraceptive drug or device?
    For some methods of contraception you need the assistance of a doctor, for others you do not.

Ask a health professional for advice. Also discuss contraception with your partner. Both partners share the responsibility for contraception. You can go to a health professional together.

If a method does not work for you, you can change to another. For example: if you do not feel physically well, you have side-effects, your partner does not approve, it is too expensive… 

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