Wash your vulva (the external genitalia) every day.

  • Wash your vulva from the front to the back either with plain water or with water and a neutral soap. You can avoid vaginal infections if you take good care of your external genitals.
  • You should not wash your vulva by directing a strong stream of water onto the entrance of your vagina.
  • Wash the anus from the front to the back, away from the vagina.
Woman washing her vagina from front to back. She does not use soap.

During your menstrual period change tampons and pads regularly.

Avoid wearing pants that are very tight. In tight pants, your vulva may itch, and sometimes you can also get bacterial infections.

Many (young) women shave their pubic hair because they prefer it that way. Shaving, though, is not necessary for good hygiene.

The vagina has a natural pH balance. This balance protects the vagina from infections. It is important not to disturb the vagina's pH balance. Therefore, you should not rinse or douche your vagina.

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