Divorce law in Germany

A marriage can be officially ended through a divorce. Either marriage partner, – whether man or woman – can demand a divorce. In Germany a divorce is not permitted without a lawyer. A divorce is possible even if the partner does not consent to it.

A man and a woman are at the notary's office to have a divorce agreement drawn up.


A divorce can sometimes cost a lot of money. If you and/or your partner do not have enough money, you can apply to the court for help. If you require more information, ask a counselling centre or your lawyer for help.

After a divorce, each partner once again becomes responsible for himself/herself. Under certain conditions, you or your partner may be obliged to continue to support the former marriage partner financially.

If you and your marriage partner are getting divorced and have children together, the court can decide which of you will look after them. You and your partner must file a specific petition to the court if you want the court to make this decision for you.

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