Female genital mutilation is forbidden by law in Germany. Female genital mutilation is sometimes also known as female genital cutting or female circumcision.

It is forbidden: 

  • to mutilate the sex organs (genitalia) of girls or women;
  • to watch or be present as the genitals of girls or women are mutilated;
  • to force or convince girls or women into having their genitals mutilated;
  • to allow the genitals of girls or women to be mutilated;
  • to take girls or women abroad in order to carry out FGM there.

Offenders can face a prison sentence. Offenders are punished even if the girls or women agreed to the act of female genital mutilation. Girls and women on whom female genital mutilation has been carried out are not punished.

If you have been affected by female genital mutilation or are afraid that people want to force you into it, contact a counselling centre or go directly to the police. You can also contact a counselling centre or the police if you know someone on whom female genital mutilation is going to be carried out or has already been carried out.

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