After a period of intense feelings of being in love, it is normal to feel less excited. You get to know each other better and you are getting used to your relationship. Being together can then become routine.

For some people, routine is a problem, for others it can give a calming and reassuring feeling. Knowing each other well and being used to each other can also give a feeling of stability and security.

If you think routine is a problem, ask yourself:

If your partner knows you want things to be different, you can try to find solutions together. This can make your relationship more intense. Make time for each other and try to do new activities together. For example: go out of the house together if you feel you are too often at home; try something new if you feel your sex life is boring. It can be exciting and fun.

Changing routine does not mean you have to end the relationship, or look for excitement outside the relationship. Ask yourself what it is you really want. 

Being a parent may change the relationship with your partner. Make time for each other.

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