Symptoms of untreated HIV

Someone with HIV who does not get treated may have the following symptoms:

  • First weeks: he/she may get symptoms resembling the flu, a rash or swollen lymph nodes
  • Then follows a period without symptoms.
  • After some time (this can be 2 years or more) he/she may get new complaints and/or various new symptoms. 
  • HIV attacks the immune system. Without treatment someone with HIV will get AIDS after several years. The body’s immune system is so weak he/she will be prone to many other infections. These infections may lead to death.
Without treatment the immune system of an HIV-positive person's body is so weak he/she will be prone to many other infections and get ill.

Living with HIV when treated

The sooner an HIV-positive person is treated, the less serious are the consequences of HIV on his/her health. He/she can lead a normal life and even live as long as someone without HIV.

If someone with HIV is treated there is almost no risk that he/she will infect someone through unprotected sex.

An HIV-positive person can lead a normal life.

HIV testing

Get yourself tested if you think you may have HIV. Ask a doctor for help.

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