Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is when someone threatens you, uses violence towards you or exploits your defenceless position in order to have sex with you. That is a crime. Some forms of sexual violence are sexual coercion, sexual abuse and rape. The people who commit sexual violence can be severely punished for it.

It is also a form of sexual violence if someone attacks you with words or actions that are sexual and if someone wants to humiliate you by doing so.

So, for example: someone

  • makes rude comments about you in your presence,
  • touches you,
  • harasses you on the telephone or by email or SMS,
  • shows you pornographic images or movies against your will.

Important: trust your feelings: they are an important sign. Take your feelings seriously and get help if someone harasses you or is violent towards you! You should decide who is allowed to touch you and where!

Your children could also be victims of sexual violence. It is your responsibility to protect your child and get help.

Help and counselling

You can find information on help and counselling near you on this website, by calling the helpline "Gewalt gegen Frauen (Violence Against Women)" or from the Independent Commissioner for Matters of Childhood Sex Abuse (UBSKM).

By the way: women and girls are often affected, but men and boys can also be affected.

People who commit sexual violence are mostly men and boys, but can also be women and girls.

Men and boys sometimes feel ashamed about getting help. They fear that it would be unmanly. This is not the case. Everyone has the right to get help.

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