Female genital mutilation is also called female circumcision.

Female genital mutilation can be done in different ways:

  • partly or totally removing the clitoris (type 1);
  • partly or totally removing the clitoris and the labia (type 2);
  • sewing up the labia, leaving only a small opening for urine and blood to leave the body (type 3).
  • all other harmful procedures to a woman’s visible sexual organs, for example: pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterizing.

Female genital mutilation is done for cultural reasons. 

Woman lying down with her legs spread. The focus is on the visible sexual organs.
Woman’s visible sexual organs are: 1. outer labia, 2. inner labia, 3. opening of the vagina, 4.clitoris. Urinary meatus (5) and anus (6) are not part of the sexual organs.
Female genital mutilation - Type 1: clitoris is removed.
Female genital mutilation - Type 2: labia are removed.
Female genital mutilation - Type 3: labia are sewn together.

It is very dangerous to the health of women and girls. Some of them bleed to death.
It can also lead to:

Female genital mutilation is illegal in Europe. It is forbidden by law.

If you have undergone female genital mutilation, or fear that it will be done to you, you can contact a specialised organisation for help.

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